Getting From Where We Are To Where God Wants Us To Be

Pastor Greg Pratt

If we don’t know where we are, how do we know where to start?

Join us today as Pastor Greg Pratt shares how our maturity level changes as we grow in the Lord. Listen in as he gives us the roadmap to salvation, and teaches us how to plan our trip to get there.

He reminds us about the three things that need to be determined before our trip:

    1. We need to know where we are going. We achieve this by carefully planning our route to Heaven.
    2. How are we going to get there? By having faith that God will get us to where we need to be and trusting in the Lord for our next step.
    3. We need to figure out where we’re at. We do this by realizing where we are in our walk with Christ, and by understanding we not at our destination yet.


Our starting point is right here and now, and are continually working on our route to get there. Remember, if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, your route will lead you straight to Heaven.

Do you know where you are in your relationship with Jesus Christ?

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