God created you to make a difference.

Inviting people to serve in church is more about connecting them with each other and with their role in the Body of Christ than it is about filling an open position.

God gives all of us gifts, abilities, and talents to use for His glory and for the good of others. Using your gifts to serve others is part of what we’re created to do. While serving others will always be a sacrifice, joy, peace, and a deep sense of purpose comes from putting others’ needs and comfort above our own.

Life Church at South Mountain has always relied on volunteers to support its programs. Volunteers play a crucial role in Life Church’s ability to provide quality services for the entire community.

Through your skills and experience, you can change lives, uplift families and support communities throughout Phoenix everyday. Please, come take part in the life-changing opportunity to make change happen.

For more information of how you can volunteer at Life Church, please click the button in the section below or contact us.

We were made to build the church (Ephesians 4:11-13). God made each one of with unique talents, personalities and skill sets. And when we ask Jesus into our lives, we’re given at least one spiritual gift. We get the most joy and make the biggest difference when we use our God-given talents, gifts and abilities to build the church (Ephesians 4:14-16).

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*A background check is required for some areas of service.

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