Christ’s Message To His Church – Series 3

Join us this morning as Pastor Greg Pratt continues the series of Christ’s message to His church.

Last week Pastor Greg talked about Christ’s message to the church, that He knows our works, wants to communicate with us, and promises a reward to those who overcome. Listen in today as he explains the purpose of the church and reminds us that the Bible says in the book of Matthew we are to be the salt and light of the earth.

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Our Refuge

Join us this morning as Pastor Greg Pratt remembers 9/11 and shares with us how the world has changed since the morning we were attacked. A lot of lives have changed since that day.

Listen in as Pastor Greg teaches us how our refuge from the chaos in this world isn’t going to be found in our government or anyone else, but will be found in God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, we can only have hope of refuge in this world of chaos and confusion through God alone.

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God Works

Join us toady as Pastor Greg Pratt teaches us about how God works in mysterious ways!

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