Learning From Jesus’ Father

This morning, Pastor Greg Pratt teaches us about about Joseph, and reminds us that character is the most important trait a man can have, and we need to be trusted, honest, and faithful.

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My Memorial

Join us this morning as Pastor Greg Pratt takes the time to say thank you to all the nations hero’s that died for our country. We have all been touched in one way or another by the sacrifices they have made.

Remember those that served our country, and at minimum, take a few minutes today to celebrate their lives and their service.

What kind of memorial will they have for you? What testimony will you leave?

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Lessons From A Godly Mother

Happy Mother’s Day!
Listen in this morning as Pastor Greg reminds the church that we need to do what is takes to raise this generation in faith and be a Godly influence on our kids. Remember, no matter how old you get, your children are still your children. Never give up on them, you may be the only one that saves your child from hell.

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