Giving Him Thanks

Pastor Greg Pratt reminds the Church that it’s not only at Thanksgiving that we should be thankful, but we should be thankful everyday. He also shares with us that to give God thanks is to give God praise. God is the same today, tomorrow, and forever!

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Feast Of The Harvest

This morning pastor Greg Pratt wraps up the sermon series on the Harvest by teaching about the Feast of the Harvest. He shares this message using the Old Testament to explain the reason for the Harvest.

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The Harvest

Pastor Greg Pratt preaches about being an effective witness for God by living according to the teachings of the Bible.

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Growing the Church

You need to know what your church stands for! Pastor Greg Pratt explains to the congregation that the true objective of  the church is reaching the lost and seeing them saved.

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Pastor Greg Pratt explains to the Church that God designed things to grow. From seedlings to trees, and all of nature, we see that it is God’s will for everything that has birth to grow, including Christians.



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