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A Righteous Relationship In God’s Eyes

The Bible says many things about how we are to conduct ourselves regarding our relationships before, during, and after marriage. The Bible commands us to not have relations with sexually immoral people, so if I behave in such a way, would it be only right for a Godly woman to not want to associate with me?

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Finding Peace Through Faith

So, the big question here is, why do some of us make it so difficult to live in this world by making poor decisions regarding letting go and letting God do His work in us? The answer is easy in theory, but complicated in implementation – Giving up the power that we innately have in us to control and trusting God to take the lead.

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Is Just Being ‘Good’ Good Enough?

I have been told on more than one occasion that all you have to do is be good and do your best, and you will be invited to share in eternal life.

Spoiler alert – True obedience equals love, and that is what is good enough. Do you have that?

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Of This World

There are many trials and temptations in a Christian’s life, some that may even cause us to question the strength of our faith. This is not to say we live in doubt, or even continuously question. But sometimes we arrive at a point in life that make us wonder what we are supposed to do exactly.

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Be Thankful in All Circumstances

I cried out to the Lord and asked for His mercy over my son. It was the most difficult moment for me to embrace my son as he went limp, then stiff with his eyes rolling back. I didn’t understand what was happening. The hour is coming when the Lord will take us with Him. Our hearts and lives need to be ready for all that is to pass.

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Faith Like a Child

I see God’s love for us when we lash out at Him when we are not happy with the way things are. Recent events are a good example, as we are passing a difficult time in our nation with COVID-19, riots, protests, and many other issues. We have to remember, He is embracing us and understands our difficulties.

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Overcoming Fear and Walking In Faith

Caution has its origin with God. It is the way that He made us. Hope, faith and peace have their origin with God but fear, or more correctly, living in fear has its origin with Satan because “fear has torment.” God does not torment His children—ever.

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