Weekly Devotion

Well-Oiled Machine

It doesn’t take long for Satan to try throw a monkey-wrench into the well- oiled machine of the church. Everything can be going along just fine; God will be blessing; souls being saved; people rejoicing; and then BOOM; Satan puts it into someone’s mind that they have been mistreated or some attractive person slips in and says that some biblical teaching is false, etc., etc., etc.

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Even The Demons Believed

Probably, you have read this Scripture, heard it taught, and preached over and over again. You most likely know it like the back of your hand, but do you really pay attention to the back of your hand?

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The Unforgivable Sin

Friend, it is always best to honor God in all that we say and do.  When the Holy Spirit is at work let’s reverently glorify our Lord.  If we keep our heart right, perhaps we will keep our words and actions right. Can you say amen?

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This “Messiah Stuff”

Unsaved people may view our commitment to the Bible as unreasonable bigotry. A truly transformed life is hard to understand. When one no longer uses foul language; no longer goes to the places one once went to; starts going to church—regularly (even to prayer meeting) and starts telling others about the Gospel of Christ—people just don’t get it.

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The Problem With Religion

What is the problem with religion without Christ in it? Could it be that religious people care about their religion but not about the needs of people?

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What Is Your Greater Need?

What is your greater need? Since only you and the Lord know what that is, you will need to take it to the Lord yourself.  When you do, you will find that many of the lesser needs will begin to seem insignificant and they will begin to fade away. 

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From The Uttermost To The Guttermost

That is the Word that needs to be preached today. Someone once said, “Jesus came from the uttermost to the guttermost to lift mankind from the gutter to glory.” (The quote may not be exact but you get the message).

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