Stop The Car!

Article written by Brother Bledsoe

And when He got into the boat, he who had been demon-possessed begged Him that he might be with Him. However, Jesus did not permit him, but said to him, “Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.” And he departed and began to proclaim in Decapolis all that Jesus had done for him; and all marveled.
Mark 5:18-20

The man who had been delivered was no longer screaming in pain and agony. The legion of demons were gone and could torment him no more. The people who had known the man at his worst, were so confused by it all, instead of begging Jesus to come and minister in their towns, they begged Him to leave. So, Jesus’ total ministry to that region (at that time), was to one man. Don’t be surprised by that because often Jesus met the needs of just one person.

The man who had been delivered was now clothed and in his right mind and he begged Jesus to let him be with Him. It seems to me that anyone and everyone who is in his right mind would want to be with Jesus. Just saying. However, Jesus refused to let him. Rather, He told the man to go home to his friends and tell them what great things the Lord had done for him. In other words, “go” and do the work of an evangelist. He did, but not to just his friends but everywhere in Decapolis and the people marveled at the change in the man’s life.

I was told a true story by a former overseer of the Churches of God in Arizona. He was working in Haiti as a missionary. As he and his friend were driving along a country road the Holy Spirit told him to stop the car. He did and he was directed to a house where they found a man who was bound to four corners of the bed with electrical wire. The man was demon possessed and would run naked through the area so binding him to the bed was the only was to stop him from terrorizing the people. The ministers prayed for him and by the power of God, the demon(s) were cast out. As the ministers were leaving, they told the man’s mother to release him and let him go.

Some years later that minister was at a church conference and a young man in a nice suit came up to him and said, “Do you remember the man that you prayed for who was bound hand and foot to bed posts?” The minister said, “Yes.” He said, “I am the man, and God has called me to preach the gospel.” My minister friend, “marveled.”

Did your life change when Jesus found you, forgave you and made you a part of His family? Did your friends wonder what had happened to you? Did you tell them about Jesus’ love and the compassion that He had for you? Do you still want to be with Jesus? Just wondering? Amen and amen.

Pastor Jim Bledose - Prayer ministry and weekly devotion author at Life Church in Phoenix
Brother Bledsoe
Prayer Ministry | Weekly Devotion
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