The Benefits of Being a Church Volunteer

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Serving allows us to experience His power firsthand

God has called us to serve Him by serving others. Serving can mean so many things – taking a mission trip overseas, working as a greeter in your church, or even just visiting a sick friend in the hospital. Serving doesn’t have to be hard. If we do all things with love, serving others is a joyful experience.

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Service is contagious

Volunteering at church is an opportunity for us to share Christ’s teachings and become ambassadors for Christ. Outreach programs and events at Life Church at South Mountain provide ways for you to share God’s love with our community. Through strategic community service, the church can spread the news of Christ’s salvation.

Volunteering and serving helps us discover and develop our spiritual gifts.

God places gifts inside each of us, seeds that can grow into skills and abilities for serving others. A seed will only grow into what it was designed to be when it’s planted in the right environment. You’ll discover your unique contribution when you start serving! There are many reasons why it’s important to get involved as a church in community service.

Service deepens your relationship with God

Volunteering at church presents an opportunity to evaluate where you are in your faith. It allows us to rekindle our connection with His word while spreading it to others. For some, this might be their first time assessing their journey with God. Working with the community opens your heart and broadens your horizons. It allows you to identify the path you are on with our Lord and Savior. Everyone is at a different stage in their journey. Through volunteering, you have the opportunity to become a friend, a teacher, and a student in faith.

Serving brings joy

Volunteering in a community outreach program doesn’t need to be a singular, solitary event. Uniting for a purpose brings joy not only to those you are serving, but also to you and your brethren. Deepening your connection with fellow members of the church lifts your heart and your spirit in the name of the Lord. Spending time and bonding with our brothers and sisters in Christ is an extension of the faith and happiness we enjoy in Christ Jesus. When we are filled with His joy, we experience His love and become more receptive to His teachings.

We can do more together

We are but vessels for God’s word. He could have chosen differently, but He decided to use His believers to help spread the Word. On your own, it’s harder to plant seeds of faith. Together as a church, our efforts are more successful. Working together, God’s people can spread the Gospel effectively.

Serving is good for the soul

While we joyfully serve Jesus Christ, we often take extraordinary measures to further and deepen our connection with Christ. By committing ourselves to serve others, we show God the love we have for Him. The Bible calls us to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39) At Life Church at South Mountain, we attempt to obey this blessed command by caring for the fundamental and spiritual needs of others.

You are needed

Believing the lie that the church doesn’t need you will rob you of the joys God designed for you to experience through serving. Take a risk and get involved. God will honor that step of faith and grow it into so much more!

For more information on volunteer opportunities at Life Church, please fill out the form on our Next Steps page and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.


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