Life Church Drive Thru Food Drive – Food for Life Pantry

On Sunday, April 26th, 2020, Life Church at South Mountain hosted a Drive-Thru Food Drive in the church parking lot. Volunteers collected monetary and food donations, single-serving packaged foods, peanut butter, water, and blankets for our community in need.

This is a picture of a volunteer at Life Church taking food out of a the back of a car during their drive thru food drive

For everyone’s safety, many precautions were taken. Those dropping off donations put everything into their trunks and stayed in their cars while Life Church volunteers wearing masks and gloves removed the items from the trunk, maintaining social distancing.
Today was about more than just food – it was about knowing that when times get difficult, we have a world full of people who will go the extra mile to make sure others feel safe and loved.

We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated today! It is because of your generosity we are better able to serve our community in need!

If you couldn’t make it on Sunday, don’t worry, you can still get involved! You can drop off food at the church by calling 602-437-9355 to schedule a drop-off time. Also, any donation amounts are welcome, and you can easily contribute by clicking the donate button below.




This is a picture of cars lined up at the Life Church at South Mountain drive thru food drive

This is a picture of volunteers at Life Church collecting food for the drive thru food drive

This is a picture of a stack of bottled water that was collected at the drive thru food drive at Life Church at South Mountain

This is a picture of some of the food collected during the Life Church Drive Thru Food Drive

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