Renovation Updates – Bathroom Remodel

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After almost four decades of service, our building was in serious need of an update.

In 1985, Life Church opened its new building at 41st St. and Baseline. What a great story and journey we have had in bringing hope to our city and our world. Now, in the summer of 2022, after almost 40 years of service, our building is in the process of being updated. We are taking this opportunity to increase the size of our bathrooms, create better flow for our visitors by widening the entryway, creating a space in the existing annex area for group gatherings and small groups, and updating the building to make it a safer place for our members and visitors.

Renovating an outdated church facility, if done mindfully, can often have a positive effect on the ministries of our church. Whether creating more space for outreach, updating children’s areas, or replacing outdated bathrooms, our members and visitors will appreciate a more modern atmosphere and experience.

This renovation has been in the planning process for well over a year as we have been working to redesign and update the space to meet our current and future needs. Our overall design will allow for a bigger sanctuary, better access for our handicapped visitors, better parking flow with fewer bottlenecks when entering and exiting, and a blending of the courts into the new sanctuary and children’s center that will allow for an improved experience for all who attend services and events.

For complete details of the Fresh Start New Building Campaign, check out this page.

Starting with the Bathrooms

First, Life Church is making sure our church’s bathrooms are exceptional. We want to show visitors our appreciation by creating a comfortable, clean space for them to freshen up. We are designing our bathrooms with high quality materials that will hold up for years to come! We are expanding the size of each room considerably. Each bathroom is being fitted with new plumbing fixtures, new lighting, an attractive, solid set of partitions and baby changing stations.

Current Progress…

At this angle, you can see the current men’s and women’s bathrooms from the back where the walls were removed. The front walls and doors are going to be removed to widen the entryway.


Men’s Room

This is the view from the back of the men’s bathroom looking at the door. The men’s bathroom will have two stalls, a urinal, two sinks, and a baby changing station.


Ladies’ Room

This is looking into the doorway of the women’s bathroom. This bathroom is a little bigger than the men’s, will have three stalls, two sinks, and a baby changing station.


As always, Life Church relies on the contributions of it’s members to help support these projects. Giving a little more than your regular tithes to the Lord can make a big difference. We also welcome gifts of support from those outside of Life Church who recognize the need for the gospel in this area. Please consider helping as we grow together! You can easily donate any amount by clicking the button below.



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