A Generous Spirit

The more one gives to others, the more one is enriched, and thus he can be generous on every occasion. Such a generous spirit toward others results in more and more people giving thanksgiving to God.

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Does God Play Hide and Seek?

The truth is that we alienate ourselves from God and not the other way around. We no longer seek the Lord through prayer and fasting and when we fail to pray as we should, we as are like a ship that breaks away from it anchor—we drift away from the place that we ought to be.

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Short or Small Minded?

We don’t always know why we suffer in this life but we can always know that God is watching over us and that we can “cast all of our cares on Him because He cares for us.” Just trust the mercies of God and never allow doubt to creep into the way you think.

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The Maze Of This World

Do you remember the time that the Lord saved you from your sins? Do you remember the joy that you had when the burden of sin of was lifted off you and you knew that you were forgiven?

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Don’t Be Satisfied With A Joyless Life

Don’t deny yourself that which is your birthright as a child of God. Don’t be satisfied with a joyless life. There ought to be in every Christian a deep, settled fullness of the joy of Christ that no circumstance of life can dispel. This joy is unlike any happiness that is produced by the world. It fills you and permeates everything you do.

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Dying Of Thirst

People died trying to cross “Death Valley” in the summertime because they didn’t have enough water, but all the while there is a raging river of water underground and it was under their feet all the while. You can draw water from the wells of salvation at any time.

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This is the image uses for the Newport City Church choir event at Life Church at South Mountain

Newport City Church Choir

Life Church is blessed to host the Newport City Church Choir at the 11 am service. Be sure to stick around after the praise and worship service to hear Pastor Rusty Woolum preach an encouraging message. View the event for more information.

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This is the picture used for the Life Church at South Mountain Discipleship Training Courses event

Discipleship Training Classes

Discipleship training classes will be starting on Sunday, September 12th at 6PM.

There are four classes, and each class will help you become the disciple God has called you to be. View the event for class registration details!

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