Life Church at South Mountain is reaching out to help the pregnant Marshallese women who are caught up in the international adoption scandal involving Maricopa County Assessor Paul Peterson.  We are accepting food, bedding, clothing, and cash donations.

The seven Marshallese mothers and their multiple young children are currently living in two east valley apartments. They’re pregnant, alone, and frightened for themselves and their children.

Marbina Langbata, Co-Pastor of the Marshallese congregation here at Life Church is providing a voice for these women by serving as a translator.

How You Can Help…

You can donate cash, food, clothing or other items at Life Church at South Mountain by contacting us through our website contact page or by calling the office at 602-437-9355. 

You can also donate anonymously through our engage online giving form100% of your gift will go to the Marshallese women in need.

For more information on this breaking news story, watch the video here. Please share this post with anyone you think will help contribute to this important cause.


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