The Three “Calls” of God

There are three major “calls” of God that will come to every individual. There is the “call” to salvation, the “call” to serve Him, and the “call” to one’s eternal home. Everything else that happens in one’s life will depend on how one responds to the first and second “call” of God. The third “call” is determined by how we respond to the first “call.”

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Are you Depending on God?

How patient are you or maybe I should ask if you have any patience left? When you are caught in a traffic jam do you get frustrated quickly? When there is a long line at the bank do you wait or do give up and leave? When you go to a restaurant and no one comes to take your order for five minutes do you complain to the manager? Perhaps your frustrations are the result of self-dependence rather than dependence on God.

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Weekly Devotion: Beware of False Teachings

Many powerful speakers claim to have important ideas for Christians to hear. Some present special angles on church doctrine; others go off on extreme tangents. How do we discern between the off-center but benign ideas that often are tacked onto the gospel, and the serious, much-to-be-avoided false teaching?

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